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Microscopic germs invisible to the naked eye are one of the most lethal threats to people. Combating those microorganisms is not an easy task as most disinfectants that are commonly used create environmental problems themselves.  That’s why PestOFF uses the eco-friendly, safe medical products that are produced by Saniswiss!

Saniswiss sanitizers and cleaners are free of any chemicals, such as the natural molecule H2O2 (also known as Hydrogen Peroxide). PestOFF uses such products to combat a great number of pathogens, germs, bacteria, fungus and more.

Our disinfection process includes a few crucial steps that begin by a manual disinfection to all areas and objects, followed by an airborne disinfection that boosts the manual disinfection by reaching certain areas that may be unreachable, before ultimately disinfecting using the ground breaking, highly effective UVC light.